Creating an Ecosystem for Precision Medicine to Scale

 we seek out leading startups in the precision medicine space or enabling technologies, leveraging a powerful network of mentors, investors, and academics to support them as they scale.


What We Do

P4 seeks the world’s leading Precision Medicine startups to support through development, regulation, investment, adoption and scale to UK and international markets to innovate and advance the healthcare landscape.

The programme curates an ecosystem of physical space and specialist to support precision medicine innovations to develop research into world leading technology, support to gain regulatory approval and adoption not only to the UK healthcare system but scale internationally.

We currently operate programmes in London and South Yorkshire with a local, national and international focus.



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The P4SY has been created to support the soft landing and scaling of health and med tech companies in the South Yorkshire and northern region. The programme will help to develop commercial opportunities, clinical conversations and engagement with the academic clinical network.

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Building a MedTech Ecosystem in South Yorkshire: Lessons from P4SY

Just over two years ago we launched the extension of the P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator South Yorkshire. Originally based on the model of the P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator, which I co-founded in 2019, this new accelerator – dubbed P4SY for its location – was...

P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator Announces 2023 Cohort with Focus on AI-Driven and Enabled Tech

The P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator, dedicated to supporting the UK’s leading medtech startups, has announced the names of the ten companies selected to participate in its 2023 cohort. Over the next six months, these startups will benefit from access to academic and...

P4SY Founders – In Their Own Words – Therapha

Next in our P4SY Accelerator Programme founder interviews, we’ve been talking with Sinju Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of Therapha. ‘Good to meet you, Sinju! Can you tell me more about Therapha?” Sure. Therapha is a patient-facing decision support solution that uses a...

P4SY Founders – In Their Own Words – Plasma4

In our new P4SY Accelerator Programme founder interviews, we’ve been talking with Sherry Kothari, CEO and Co-Founder of Plasma4. "Good to meet you, Sherry. Can you tell me more about Plasma4?” Happy to!  The idea for Plasma 4 was conceived five years ago, with the... secures £1m investment

We are proud to announce through our P4 programme seeking the worlds best innovations that make medicine more predictive, personalised, predictive, participatory and the P4SY programme supporting health & life science companies to embed in South Yorkshire and with...

P4SY Founders – In Their Own Words – Hashiona

Continuing our P4SY Accelerator Programme Founder interviews, we’ve been talking with Eva Galant, Founder & CEO at Hashiona, a femtech-focused digital platform for the management and treatment of Hashimoto’s disease. ‘Great to meet you Eva. Can you tell me more...

Three Things You Should Consider as an Academic Before Spinning Out

There’s been a lot of discussion around university spinouts recently, and not always for the right reasons. Many of the companies we support at Capital Enterprise through our health and life science programmes are spinouts, and even our non-spinouts tend to include...

What We Need to Accelerate the UK Life Science Sector: More Labs, More Spinouts, and Virtual Clusters

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt recently told an audience of tech executives that he wants to make Britain “the next Silicon Valley,” with health and life sciences singled out as a priority area. This is an excellent goal, and one we are in some ways already well-positioned to...

P4SY Accelerator Programme Welcomes Cohort 2

It’s been little more than a month since we held the P4SY Showcase & MedTech Conference for the first cohort of P4SY companies in Sheffield, and so we are excited to make another major P4SY announcement: the full list of companies participating in Cohort 2. These...

Showcase Highlights Strength of South Yorkshire MedTech Ecosystem

On 23 November, we welcomed 10 companies from the current P4SY Accelerator Programme cohort to Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries for the P4SY Showcase & MedTech Conference, bringing together startups and domain experts from across the region for a day of pitching...