Panakeia is building a universal engine for one step precision cancer diagnosis. Our deep learning technologies provide complete diagnosis information at the fraction of cost and time that work everywhere around the world therefore democratizing cutting edge cancer diagnosis for all. 

The company is the future of women’s health. Hertility Health is a machine learning-driven healthcare solution which integrates both a symptom checker and biomarker testing, delivered to the door. We tailor each woman’s individual biometric panel by taking into account her reproductive and medical history. We therefore, ensure the route-to-diagnosis and care is accurate, accessible and affordable. 

Identified a novel method of sourcing human cells, that will allow for unlimited and unprecedented access to stem cell-like cells. Developing the necessary tools for collection to source cells from anyone. This will allow for unrestricted access to rare disease patients, children and other patients. Allowing for an abundance of precious material, that will accelerate research into our own biology. Bringing personalised medicine within reach.

CC Bio use a data driven, synthetic biology approach to produce smart therapeutics capable of preventing microbiome dysbiosis before disease is detected or manifests. They are starting with Bacterial Vaginosis ($3.6B combined USA/European symptomatic and asymptomatic market per annum) as their first indication. They seek a seed round of $3.2 million/£1mil to reach Phase 1 completion of their BV therapeutics and fully automate their smart therapeutic discovery platform for other therapeutic indications. 



ConcR’s mission is to reduce treatment resistance in cancer, by enabling superior targeting of treatment in trials and clinical practice. ConcR predicts the evolution of cancer in order to identify optimal, treatment for an individual, reduce treatment resistance, proactively adapt treatment before it becomes ineffective. 

Limbic are bringing quantifiability to mental health. Depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion each year. But health services are struggling to deal with the problem. Unlike other areas of medicine, mental health professionals rely entirely on their patients for the information they need to diagnose and treat. Using an AI-powered patient reporting platform, Limbic makes it easier than ever for patients to provide their therapist with high-quality data.

The Vine Health digital platform optimises the care of cancer patients through a mobile app that incentivises easy tracking of symptoms, side effects and medications, automatically integrating this with lifestyle data from smartphones and wearable devices. Machine learning is used to deliver highly personalised behavioural interventions and bespoke evidence-based educational/support material, supporting highly engaged patient self-management during and after treatment. There is strong evidence that the tracking alone increases tolerance of chemotherapy and improves outcomes. Through the platform, Vine Health is able to accurately track high-quality patient-reported outcome and real-world data along evidence-based scales in real-time to support health service delivery, drug development and research.

ThinkSono is a cutting edge Ultrasound AI company. They have built the first product in the world to detect deep vein thrombosis (DVT).” DVT is the number one cause of preventable hospital death and is responsible for more deaths than breast cancer, prostate cancer, AIDS and car accidents, combined.

Better early detection and diagnosis of bowel cancer for patient specific surveillance protocols. CADDIE: using AI and space technology to automatically detect and classify polyps in colonoscopy videos. 

Motilent is a medical imaging analysis company that is “changing the way we see the gut”. Specifically we work in the area of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for gastrointestinal disorders, the most exciting part of our work is our market cleared medical device product GIQuant for use in patients with Crohn’s Disease.

Lifebit democratises muti-omics, biomedical & big data analysis with its federated system and provides AI solutions that can reason about these data like humans do. This enables developers& researchers, regardless of their computational & data analysis training level, as well as their organisations (i.e. pharma, biotech, research), to instantly run & scale such analysis in a cost-speed-efficient and reproducible way that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data, and provides impactful insights.