ElectronRX is a digital healthcare company, leading disruptive development in remote diagnostics, non-invasive pain management technology. We aspire to become part of the digital therapeutics industry.

We are developing ground-breaking digital healthcare technologies, harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, signal processing and connected devices to enable early detection, monitoring of existing conditions and pain management.


Elite Medicine uniquely combines medical, genetic and other omics profiles of individuals to provide predictions on risks of developing disease, to monitor disease progression and identify novel drug targets. We also determine which drugs suit or should be avoided by an individual based on their pharmacogenomic profile.


Health Navigator is an applied-AI service that reduces the level of unplanned urgent and emergency care (UEC) activity. Studies have shown the top 1% of the population utilise 50% of UEC activity. By targeting this high-need group of patients, hospital capacity may be better managed, with more efficient patient flow.

There are two parts to the company.

The first; through the use of predictive analytics the company is able to identify the high-need patient group BEFORE they begin to utilise UEC.

Secondly; the company has created an end-to-end pathway. Following identification, patient intervention is made in the form of proactive health coaching. This comprises of patient self-empowerment; impartment of confidence so they can better manage their ailments, and improved knowledge of their local healthcare system so they may better coordinate the healthcare system, utilising the ‘right care’ for them at the ‘right time’.

The company has been able to demonstrate excellent impact to date with the service, through its ongoing randomised control trial (RCT) conducted in collaboration with the Nuffield Trust at 7 NHS sites. This includes:

+33% increase in PAM13 (a metric used to measure patient activation)

Up to +16% increase in patient-reported health

-34% reduction in A&E attendances

-24% reduction in unplanned hospital admissions.





Jiva.ai is a data-driven healthcare startup with a focus on prostate cancer diagnosis via analysis of MRI scans. The core technology at Jiva is an AI platform that centres the analysis of data around model integration. This enables us to create machine learning models on individual data silos that can be later amalgamated with other data verticals to create bigger, better models of the system. Our current prostate cancer proof of concept, presented at the British Association of Urological Surgeons in September 2019, performs at an 87% sensitivity whereas human sensitivity is known to be as low as 57%. Jiva additionally has parallel ongoing government funded projects in the bone fracture and liver disease spaces in conjunction with well known academic institutions and some of the largest medical device companies in the world.


Warner Patch (formerly M2JN Ltd) has developed a wearable connected medical device for patients at high-risk of developing severe complications. It aims to provide health prediction, allowing pre-emptive care to improve patient outcome and reduce related care costs.



Mendelian enables early diagnosis of rare and hard to diagnose diseases by scanning large set of medical records to identify clinical patterns of unsuspected signs and symptoms. Once a patient has been highlighted, MendelScan generates a clinical report sent to the clinician providing information about the disease and the next clinical steps from the established pathway.


Pear Bio uses organ-on-a-chip technology to model the spread of cancer for precision medicine. Biomaterials model the local spread of cancer, and a microfluidic circulation system allows the cancer to reach a distant organ. We dose and clear drugs into the device to measure the containment and death of cancer over time. This entire process is visualized using 3D imaging to map the location and health of cancer cells.

We are building the first 3D image dataset mapping cancer spread over time. We have applications in drug discovery/development, patient selection in adaptive clinical trials and treatment selection for patients using FDA approved drugs/combinations.


Tuune is the world’s first precision medicine platform for female health (starting with oral contraceptives), with a mission to become the go-to platform for all things female health by creating personalised solutions for hormonal related issues such as mood swings, pain, acne, hair loss, etc. We provide tailored contraception that recognises unique emotional, hormonal, and genetic needs.


Remissio develops immunotherapies. Potential side effects prevent mass adoption of this promising new treatment. We design novel T-cell therapies by minimizing side-effects via machine learning and proteomics experiments.


The Personal Discovery Process provides individuals with treatment-driven research on an unprecedented scale.

Our Personal Discovery Process (PDP) is effectively a massive clinical trial for a single patient. We engineer the genetic complexity of each patient’s unique tumor network into an army of 400,000 fruit fly “avatars.” Using robotics, we evaluate up to 1,200 FDA approved drugs including non-cancer drugs, to identify drug combinations that significantly improve mortality in the individual’s avatar population.


Vesynta makes it possible to personalise the dosing of life-saving drugs in the clinic via a companion monitoring technology. We deliver a desktop blood-monitoring lab and cartridge, which rapidly quantifies the drug level, enabling earlier medicines optimisation, and improved health outcomes.


Unleashing the beast in women. Building the largest knowledge base of female datasets, across all ages, life stages and ethnicities.  Because it has not been done before and it’s not ok.

We challenge the status quo and propel research to where it should be. Yeah Starting with our B2C app, serving our first cohort of women: kickass females doing sports.  Yeah way th
Our team includes the co-founder of Clue, AI Ph.ds, Olympic coaches; we are endorsed by Paula Radcliffe, advised by female physiology legend Stacy Sims.


Enteromics is hacking the gut microbiome for better health by developing an IoT pill and platform.

Our mission to make the gut microbiome accessible and to establish a vibrant ecosystem for gut health solutions.