LONDON, UK. 23/11/21:  Today, Motilent, the first company to specialise in the assessment of digestive diseases using AI medical image analysis, announces FDA 510K clearance in the USA. The rollout of this technology will be in partnership with Nuance AI solutions.

Launched in 2013 by King’s College London and University College London (UCL) alumnus Dr. Alex Menys, Motilent was created to support the 62 million people affected by digestive diseases in the US, and ultimately help get patients on the right treatment more quickly.

The post-processing software, GIQuant, already used in UK institutions including Great Ormond Street Hospital, works alongside standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to measure and track movement of the intestine. This measure of intestinal movement, known as ‘motility’, is often affected by gastrointestinal (GI) disease activity, and thus provides insights into disease progression.

The new FDA 510k clearance [search K211356] gives Motilent the greenlight to deploy GIQuant across healthcare providers in the US. Supporting the move into the US healthcare market, the company has also announced a new partnership with AI patient-care software provider Nuance. Used by 90% of hospitals, 10,000 healthcare organisations worldwide,  and 80% of US radiologists, Nuance’s AI‑powered solutions capture 300 million patient journeys each year and apply real-time intelligence to support clinical decision-making. Collaborating with Nuance, GIQuant will equip clinicians, radiologists and care teams with new motility data and a suite of actionable insights to help monitor, understand, and ultimately improve clinical quality and patient safety. 

  • Motilent’s clinically-validated AI software has received 510k clearance from the US FDA
  • Currently, 62 million people in the US are diagnosed with a digestive disorder annually, causing an ever-growing burden on healthcare services globally
  • Almost $136BN is spent on GI therapies annually but some drugs, e.g. those used in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, have a 60% failure rate within 1 year. It can take months or years to confirm if a therapy is no longer working for a patient.
  • New collaboration with AI-powered solutions provider Nuance Communications will allow US healthcare clinics using innovative GIQuant software to accurately measure intestinal motility and treatment response using AI medical image analysis

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