We are excited to launch our P4SY programme, as part of the TEAM SY project. TEAM SY is part funded by ERDF and lead by Capital Enterprise and Barnsley Council.

P4 is a well established and highly successful programme which seeks the world’s leading Precision Medicine startups to support through development, regulation, investment, adoption and scale to UK and international markets to innovate and advance the healthcare landscape.

P4SY is a brand-new programme for South Yorkshire, which has been created to support the soft landing and scaling of health and med tech companies in the region. What’s more, the programme will help to develop commercial opportunities, clinical conversations and engagement with the academic clinical network. 

Who the programme is for:

  • Health/med tech companies aiming to expand and scale from the South Yorkshire region. 
  • An international company looking for a soft landing in the UK in order to build partnerships with SMEs, academics and clinical partners.
  • Early stage life science companies wanting to expand their network and development opportunities. 

Entry criteria:

  • To register/be registered in South Yorkshire or be based/have a trading address upon accepting a place on the programme.
  • Be a startup/SME that aligns with one or more of the 4 Ps of precision medicine. Personalised, Precise, Preventative, Participatory.  
  • Be an independent small to medium-sized tech business employing fewer than 250 people.
  • Your annual turnover is below €50m.
  • Your balance sheet is below €43m.
  • Your business is not a subsidiary and/or under the control of a larger SME entity (25% or more).

The programme: 

P4SY will host workshops and events to support you to engage with the NHS and local health system in the region.

You will get an expert mentor that will help navigate the network, build collaborations and develop new partnerships.

Access and connect into the P4 network. With mentors from ex/current MedTech founders, NHS network builders, KOL and decision makers to industry partners.

Aims and Objectives: 

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • expanded your academic and clinical network across South Yorkshire and beyond
  • a strong understanding of the local health system and its key stakeholders
  • created new opportunities, collaborations and partnerships
  • greater knowledge of the local funding landscape including introductions to partners and potential investors. 

Click to apply for the P4SY 2023 programme