Dr Rayna Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, is a medical doctor & neuroscientist (Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Columbia). She graduated top of her year from Medicine at Cambridge, and later returned there to complete a GSK-funded MPhil in Translational Medicine (i.e. translating drugs from clinical trials to patients), in which she received a distinction. She has extensive experience in academic and clinical trial research. Rayna has held strategic & commercial roles in government policy, tech startups & the Cabinet Office’s Nudge Unit, leading the way in using behavioural science to rewire patient behaviours through commercial products, before co-founding Vine Health.

Georgina is a data scientist with 6 years’ experience developing AI-driven health tech. She holds a Master’s in Medical Robotics and Imaging from Imperial and led GSK’s first data-driven clinical trial to predict patient outcomes. She was Head of Data Science at Touch Surgery, one of the UK’s fastest growing medtech startups. As part of their Executive Team, she was instrumental in their growth to Series B.

Vine Health have raised a £1.2m seed led by Playfair, becoming Entrepreneur First’s first all-female founding team to raise more than £1m.

They’re hiring 5 new staff to take their team to 8 and they now have 16 NHS providers in their pipeline, and widespread government support leading them to be invited to 10 Downing Street last month. Vine Health are one of 10 startups selected globally to join Google’s latest Startup Residency Programme. They’ve also been named Deloitte’s ‘Most Innovative Health Tech Company of 2019’